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It is exactly Fortleze that homes the best football academy in the northern region of Brazil. That is why ‘Internacional’ which is a respectable football club and the winner of the World Cup (порто алегре) has made a decision to cooperate with a local football club Uniclinic to tutor and bring up future professional football players. Despite a long distance between the two capitals, the training centre of the Uniclinic club has a good infrastructure, six football fields, fitness centre and a very experienced crew of coaches, who follows strictly recommendations of ‘Internacional’ regarding physical, technical, tactical and psychological trainings.


We have established good relationship with administration as well as with a technical team of the club. What we offer is a program for training juniors, age range 13-18, two training sessions daily, each session being two hours long. Monday to Friday three times a week one can enjoy service of fitness and rehabilitation centre, massage, etc. On Saturdays juniors play with other teams in order to evaluate the result of trainings.


We offer entry to the football academy, accommodation, transfer, food and recommend living within a Brazilian family. That way you will have opportunity both to learn the Portuguese language and to make for yourself a discovery of absolutely different culture. We offer Russian-Portuguese translation service, assuring the right food and productive time spending for your child. The program of trainings, free time, etc., is a subject of discussion with the parents. At the present moment we also provide visa support. Please, send your order by e-mail.


We would like to remind that Fortaleza had been chosen as one of the official cities for arranging football matches during the 2014 World Cup. Brazilian legionaries are known throughout the world, defending the honour of clubs that had bought them. But their start in life, in training and sport took place in the country which seems to belong to developing nations. So, one can only wonder as to how expertly and to what an incredible height they arranged the training of a younger generation of football players in Brazil! The results of laborious work of Brazilian football school follow   quickly! Indeed, there is not a single team in the world which did not have a Brazilian footballer playing for it!





General basic part :

Kite safari is meant for 14 days and 13 nights, including the day of arrival and the departure day. Good spots as a rule are not located near hotels, therefore we offer you transport and a driver. The safari takes place in June-January and the air temperature reaches 32 - 40 С, therefore there is always fresh drinking water and fruit inside our cars.

The guide-instructor reserves the right to decide to deviate from the rout depending on weather conditions. Low tide dictates going out for riding from 5 a.m. till до 16 p.m. Hotels “pouzadas” in general are of tourist standard + 3 *** with breakfast, each room is equipped with air-conditioner. The route almost invariably follows the beaches.




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